How does a scenario work?


On the right are some scenarios, they are adapted for maximum enjoyment on the day. There is ultimately no winner or loser, we are there to have fun!!  I have put the most popular games at the top…


Sometimes we get requests to set up a Team for local competitions, we do not enter as a club!! This does not mean that we do not allow it, it simply means that the members can set up there own teams as and when they would like and we will support them however we can but we are not out there to go and win all of the events we can - we do it for fun!!


Feel free to use any of our scenarios you wish, we would like some recognition for this but it is not imperative, a mention would be nice…...but not critical.


Should you want to play a scenario at our range, whether it be one of ours or one of yours, please feel free to ask. In fact, if you have additional scenarios that you would like us to put on the website, please let us know!!