Two Bases, 15m apart, Base may not be moved during play. Flag is dropped in plain sight halfway between the two bases. Capture the flag without being shot. If shot, drop the flag immediately. Return to cover and resume playing. A Point is awarded per capture of the flag. If one team consistently captures the flag, they may be handicapped by the marshal to even the scores. A handicapped team may only move the flag by using 2 players simultaneously. Ammo may be passed from player to player during the game, or a central magazine may be used on each side during the game. Negative kills count against your side, do not shoot at a player entering or leaving the arena. The player who has been hit must point his marker vertically upwards to signify that he is out of play. As soon as you lower your weapon upon entering the arena, you are deemed to be in play and thus become a target.


Game type: Fun / Skill / Speed / Adrenaline

# of Players: 3+ per side

Game time limit: 5 min per over

Paint: min 50 rounds each

Winner: Most points

Cover: One less barrel than player per side, barrels may be vertical/horizontal as per player design at start of game, but they must be touching. They may not be moved during the game.

Medic: None