Base Assault: Tactical - 30min to 1hr allocated.


This game is played on our main course, starting at the bottom/right corner and ending in front of the social area LHS, this should be a good one for players and spectators alike!


Game Description: There are four bases set up, with the first base being in the bottom RHS of the field, attackers move into the field from the patrol course and have to assault the bases individually. The attackers may only move to the next base when the previous is taken. This is a one shot kill scenario for the attackers, realistic rules may be applied as well as medics for the attackers only, should they be requested. Once a defender is hit, he falls back to the main/last base for a final “last stand” and respawns there. Attackers may be fired on from any base, but may only assault one base at a time. If a defender fires on an attacker from another base, he is deemed to be in play and may be shot at, if hit, he goes to the last base immediately. Once a base has fallen, defenders that are not hit at that base must make a tactical retreat to the next base. (A temporary cease fire will   be called by the marshal allowing the remaining defenders to regroup at the next base. Attackers must muster at the fallen base to ready the assault on the next during the ceasefire.) As a defender, you may not be outside of each base perimeter as defined on the day!


The medic may respawn his players as they are hit, but when he is hit, he only respawns as a normal player at the previous starting point. The medic respawns as a medic when a bunker falls into his team’s hands. When a player is hit, he must remain where he is and call his medic for assistance. A player may not move once hit!! Once the penultimate base has fallen, the medic can NOT respawn, also, all players hit after this stage, must remain where they fall!!


Any player leaving the field at any stage, is considered to have left the game and can not rejoin.


Attackers Objectives: The final base MUST fall!! Protect your Medic AT ALL COSTS without him, your team WILL lose!!


Defenders Objectives: STOP THEM!!


Winning Condition: All players on one side marked OR all bases captured.


Should the time limit be reached, more than 2 flags in possession by either team is a winning condition.



Rules may be added/removed/modified on the day for playability!

Medics may be added/removed/assigned during the game for playability!


Base Scenario Courtesy of: Brad Pell