Sniper Alley-Large course/ Radio / Realistic!


Rules of Play: A route is set up in conjunction with the snipers before play (about 1 to 2hrs). Snipers must get to course early, you will be Contacted/Volunteer beforehand. The route is marked with danger tape, each point is visible to the previous/next point. Snipers position themselves at approximately every second marker and this is signified by a double tape mark at this position, and may not be visible to each other, but are in radio contact as a group. Tape is to be collected at end of play by the sniper and not left on the range. The patrolling teams may only circuit the range from start to finish, no reverse direction playing. There MAY be a machine gun nest at the last post - conserve your ammo, this player may have up to 400 rounds to sort out survivors and he MAY have a side arm as well, but he will not have a rifle. The final Machine gunner is a 2 hit to kill type position, he has good cover from the front, with camo, but no cover from rear, outflank to kill. He may not move during that game at all. Watch The route markers for clues - 1 marker is Route, 2 markers for Sniper, 3 markers for Machine Gunner.


Snipers: Hidden / Well Camouflaged with 10 round magazine fitted to gun. Sniper may carry as much ammo as he wants, but only load 10 rounds per mag. He may reload during conflict. If 5 man aggressors approaching, he may take 3 hits to be taken out. He must be within 20m of his allotted position, he may move around within this 20m radius during conflict. He will have a radio to be in contact with the other snipers in the team, he may give advice even after being hit. Snipers will not be marshalled, integrity to inform of hits. After death, sniper remains at post until called in by main marshall, he may not move from post until game over. The 3 shot rule is per conflict, i.e. 3 shots may be taken from each "team" passing through. Snipers may deploy booby traps, but these may not be moved once deployed and can only be used once per day each and the trap is the responsibility of the sniper - he must return it to HQ at the end of play.


Aggressors / Patrol: 5 man team, realistic rules, i.e. hit on arm - only use other hand / Hit on leg - Buddy may assist to attain walking speed only. Any other portion/gun hit - you are out, but remain with team in the back of the squad no further than 10m behind the last man - walk upright with gun pointed upward. These players carry a Max of 150 rounds each in a normal hopper, no pods or other ammo. Ammo may be passed from a "dead" player to a "live" player during conflict/route march. All players Live or Dead, must touch each route marker and may advise their team mates as to sniper positions at any stage.


Game type: Teambuilding

# of Players: min 3 snipers + teams of 5 or 10

Game time limit: 45 min

Paint: max 150 rounds each

Winner: None / Points can be earned by progress along route

Leave game when hit or time limit reached

Cover: Natural Vegetation.

Medic: None