Capture The Prisoner


Description: Two teams start on the opposite sides of the field, the prisoner will be in the middle of the playing area between the two teams, he is armed but does not play until he is captured. The teams must try to reach the prisoner and take the him to their opponents’ base to win the game.


Rules: The prisoner may not get shot at directly, he wears blue or other colour overalls to differentiate him from the other players, he is not allowed to hide away and must be in plain sight, there is a 30 minute time limit after which the team that possesses the prisoner, wins. In the team, only one member may be within 5m of the prisoner, if that member is shot, then the prisoner must raise his gun in submission, stop playing and must stand still until he is captured by either team. Any player that is shot, must touch his home base, then return to play. Should the prisoner get shot, he must return to his starting point and wait for capture by either team, and the teams have to withdraw to their bases and restart the game. A marshall may be allowed to play as the prisoner!


Game type: Fun, especially for marshals!

# of Players: 6+ per side

Game time limit: 30 min

Paint: min 150 rounds each, prisoner min 200.

Winner: last team with prisoner, or capture enemy base.

Leave game when ammo finished, time limit reached or enemy base captured.

Cover: Natural Vegetation.

Medic: Return to Base to continue playing, prisoner goes to centerfield.




Submitted by: Martin and Jarryd as “Capture the Hostage” and some twists and turns added!