Due to our concern over the environmental impact of a paintball range on the natural vegetation in our area, WE LEAVE MINIMAL PERMANENT SIGNAGE OR FENCING ERECTED WHEN THE RANGE IS UNATTENDED. Because the range is on private property we also discourage  the free roaming of visitors as they may not understand the impact that they might have on the natural vegetation in the area.


We are proud of the natural aspects of this range and are highly conscious of the risk of veld and bush fires, please contact us should you wish to see the range area and we would be glad to give you a guided tour.


Also of major concern is player and public safety, we do not allow free roaming of visitors and guests during any game times unless the persons roaming the area are fully equipped with the required safety equipment.


As a precursor to any game, with the above concerns in mind, please contact us to confirm a booking.


Although our normal booking time is 2pm, if there are no bookings or private bookings scheduled, the range is closed to public access and signage is removed, making the range extremely difficult to locate unless you are well versed with the area.


If you have booked the range, please note that there is a fair amount of preparation concerned with your booking, ammo has to be packed, guns prepared, marshals and staff arranged for the times required, safety nets checked and last, but not least, the range has to be inspected for safety and cleared of any stray animals that are trying to take up residence. With this in mind, please note that a booking is considered binding unless you inform us of an intention to cancel or postpone at least SEVEN days in advance.


We play regardless of the weather, this sport is not limited to sunny days, some of the best games have been played in Viet Nam conditions!


Many Thanks - Ed  +27 82 53035 97