Forthcoming Events:

Our Main Club Games are held on the LAST Saturday of each month!!


The Usual format is as follows:

Start at 14h00, finish at 17h00 or later, depending on the scenario or format of the games held.

Scenarios usually start by 14h30 to 15h00 and are either multiple games (swopping sides) or a large format, lengthy game. These games are usually followed by a braai and social, depending of course, on the weather.


Club members receive advance notification of these games via Whatsapp, they are more than welcome to bring guests to enjoy the fun.


Visitors and guests are more than welcome on club days, we do not “gang up” on new players, we invite them to join our more experienced players on a 50/50 basis - each team involved will have a similar number of new and experienced players in their force. Club days, however, are mainly for club members, as a visitor you have the option to join in the fun or to spectate - separate games for “visitors only” on the club days are not entertained unless it is with the club members’ blessings that they give up their games for you, the visitors.


Evening/Night scenarios are normally reserved for more experienced players, particularly because of the difficulty involved with marshalling these events from a safety aspect.


Should you wish to play a night game and you are unfamiliar with our safety rules and field, it is mandatory that you play at least a full afternoon before the evening game to familiarise yourself with the risks involved, safety of all of the players is our topmost concern, we need to see that you will behave responsibly before you enter the field in a “limited visibility” environment - this is for your own safety!

Club Games: