Booking Info

To Confirm a booking a deposit must be paid by at least one week before the date in question, please contact us to confirm the date is available.


“Exclusive” Bookings can be entertained, but please note, this carries a levy to facilitate. Normal bookings, particularly smaller groups, will be combined to make it more fun for the players involved - the larger the group, the better the gameplay! In every group, there are players that have played before - these are mixed on a 50/50 basis with the newer players - this prevents “ganging up on the newbies” (and strangely enough, more often than not, the newbies from ganging up on the regulars!!) and tends to be more fair, and more enjoyable all round. Sometimes regular players will join in, these players might seem intimidating because of their attire - Full camo does not mean a better player!! Remember, all markers shoot at the same velocity, from club/hire markers to the meanest looking mil-sim marker on the planet!!


Deposits are non-refundable as we procure/reserve Ammo and Supplies especially for your game. Deposits are R100.00 per player that you wish to book for. Should the number of players be less on the day of the booking, you will be issued with the ammo that was reserved for your booking for your use on the day. (Overalls are not always available, please dress as you want to play - This means long pants and closed shoes!!)




To Make a Booking please call us on: +27 82 53035 97 / 043 745 1582