Rookie: In the First Year of Warrior Paintball, Regulars are in their Second+ Year at Warrior.


Rookie Benefits:

No Range Fees or Marker Rental Charges for Standard Warrior Club Scenario Games

No Range Fee (Equipment Rental Excluded) for Casual/Non-Club Games on Warrior Range

Preferential / VIP Treatment on the Warrior Range

Whatsapp Notification of Club Events

Whatsapp Notification of Stock Arrivals

On the Spot Assistance with Malfunctions and Repairs if at all Possible

Monthly Scenario / Club Game

24Hr Range Availability at no Cost for paintball functions

Free Advice on Current Equipment and Trends

Bonus Club Games on 5-Weekend Months


Regulars  Benefits

As Above, PLUS:

Preferential Booking Consideration for Warrior Range

Free Braai Facilities for ANY Paintball Functions

Eligible to Suggest Scenarios

Rental Availability of Equipment for Non-Club Functions


Rookies and Regulars